Compilation and Execution of Streaming Programs , Lyon, 14th April 2014 

 CITI Lab @ INSA Lyon together with LIP @ ENS Lyon are pleased to announce a  special one-day seminar on                                                     
Compilation and Execution of Streaming Programs                               

With the generalization of multi-core and many core architectures, streaming  (or dataflow) programming languages have recently re-gained popularity. The separation of concerns between computation and communication they are based on  has great potential in terms of scaling programs. Dataflow models of    computation also naturally correspond to compute intensive applications that  will benefit from parallel architectures (telecom, multimedia, etc.). The research community has been particularly active on various topics relating to streaming languages, in fields including compilation and runtime design.

The "Compilation and Execution of Streaming Programs" day is a small seminar aimed at encouraging discussion and fostering collaborations on the related  scientific topics.                                                             

The seminar will take place on Monday, the 14th of April, in St Germain Au Mont d'Or, near Lyon.                      

 Speakers include:                                                    

  • Albert Cohen (  
  •  Paul Fautrier (                    
  •  Pascal Fradet (
  •  Marco Mattavelli (           
  • Lionel Morel (                          
  •  Yann Orlarey   (       
  • Marc Pouzet (                                                                                         

Registration is free, but the number of participants is limited.  Please contact to register.               

Lundi, 14 Avril, 2014